When God sets your heart to a VISION, He gives DIRECTION and prepares you for the DESTINATION
Help us #Set up, #Equip and #Sustain projects and programs that will benefit needy kids and talented youth to transform this FACILITY into an amazing Safe Space for Youth.
Our Objectives is to purchase Computers, Furniture, Book Shelves, Audio Visual Equipment, Catering Sets, Photocopy, Printing, and Sewing Machines to enable us create a Business Development and Empowerment Centre complete with Accommodation for Volunteers, Coworking Space, Secretarial Office Services, Recreation/Talent and Catering services.
Entrepreneurship, Mentoring, Training, Support, Management and Promotion – are our core programs.



WE MARCH to the top of Africa demonstrating our need for youth and female programs that provide equal opportunities. We march to fulfill the dream, the destiny and the calling of greatness. We are climbing the mountain of ambition.


WE MARCH to set up the first-ever easily accessible safe space for talented kids and youth living in Nairobi’s Low-Income Neighborhoods to enhance and accelerate leverage on new ideas, opportunities, and technology disrupting traditional methods for a sustainable future in building businesses.

WE MARCH for youth to develop innovative thinking and critical problem-solving skills to provide local solutions and create sustainable means of income generation.
60 Global Champions are coming together for #HikeOfTheGreat to hit the #TopOfAfrica and raise funds towards our bigger vision of THE SLIC LAB our new space and a disability-friendly Innovations and Creatives HUB.




  • Return Ticket
  • Accomodation
  • Meals
  • Local Travel
  • Hike Fees
  • Event Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Promo
  • Operations
  • Overheads
  • Procurement
  • Pannelings
  • Fixtures
  • Installations
  • Seed Capital

Kids on Comps
HIKE 347

TIME TO GROW – Our journey as The Slumcode Group begun in 2006 serving youth from the low-income neighborhood of Huruma, where we impacted hundreds of lives at our smaller space for over 9 years. Artists, Students, Community Schools, and Volunteers benefited from our initiatives. 
Our talented beneficiaries gathered to serve this campaign by priding themselves in using their talents to create this Musical Anthem, a matching video, and websites including this one. We launched these communication and messaging tools on the 10th August 2018, during International Youth Day at Strathmore University.